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A trip down memory lane…

One thing that Aaron and I have always loved doing together is taking long drives. You get to sit in the car with just each other’s company, no cell phones to distract you or steal from your time together and you see beautiful places and get to enjoy God’s creation.

Two weekends ago we took a drive along one of Cape Town, and the world’s, most beautiful drives. This route takes you all around the False Bay, to Cape Point, over the beautiful Chapman’s Peak and into Hout Bay. If you ever the opportunity to take this trip, I will strongly advise you grab hold of it!


So, this past weekend we decided to take a drive to the University town of Stellenbosch. This is where I studied and lived for 5 years of my life and have made some of the best memories, and I wanted to share this with Aaron.

Saturday morning came, we did our usual 5km Park Run, I had a ladies’ breakfast, got little Mimi and off we went to Stellenbosch (Stellies, as the students call it) with the in-laws.

Our day started with a wonderful lunch after which we hit the streets (walked a total of 8kms that day – being a tourist counts as exercise!).

It was truly wonderful being back in the town I once called home, where a big part of my personality and views on life were shaped and thoughts were challenged. But, the best part was to see this beautiful town through the eyes of those who have never lived there.

Around every corner, we discovered the beauty of the Colonial architecture and history, from buildings to trees that are hundreds of years old.

On every street, I had stories to tell and memories to re-live; from favourite coffee spots, where I worked to earn some flash cash, where I sat for hours at end to study and where I was running, walking and having chats with friends.

I felt truly happy being there, knowing that I had made the most of my time there, I do not regret anything, and do not long to be there now. My time at university was not wished away or desperately tried to be held onto. It was rather celebrated and embraced and taken hold of for everything it had to offer. I made sure I was 100% present and student in that time of my life – giving my parents grey hair and sleepless nights!

Life’s journey consists of stages, being a baby, primary school, high school, student, working life, being a parent, being a grandparent, being retired etc. It is crucial for happiness and contentment that each stage is enjoyed and not wished away.

Make memories where you are – be present!


Share in the comments below your memories of the different stages of your life, what you enjoyed and what you might have done differently. We can all learn from each other’s experiences.