Women: different, but the same.

It took me a very long time to realize that I am a Godly woman, in the whole sense of the word. Not only a believer who is a woman, or a woman in a relationship with God, but a REAL GODLY WOMAN. You know, the Proverbs 31 wife or 1 Peter 3:4, text that sometimes just never really fit with who I am. Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you I am loud, demanding, outrageous stubborn and sometimes even obnoxious. Aligning this personality with my idea of a Godly woman was tough and very confusing. I sometimes still battle with this, but then I remind myself of Mary washing Jesus’ feet with oil and her own hair while crying and praising. I remember Abigail, fearless, stubborn and very demanding, and I realize God has a plan for me and my crazy personality.

I spoke to a close friend about how this struggle was an inspiration for starting Gracious Proteas, and she confided in me that this was exactly how she once felt, and that God has used proteas as a way to guide her out of her self-doubt.  So today I am sharing her journey, and pray you take away some powerful inspiration!


Setting the scene:

A couple of years ago, she found herself in a middle of a church wide panic about “We are never going to get married”, and it rubbed off. During this time, she was a sel leader, involved with praise and worship, gaining influence in the church, she started to doubt in herself. Developing insecurities about being loud, having a strong personality, being intimidating, and kind of a know-it-all. When you are surrounded by beautiful girls, who “floats on clouds” and are soft and precious, being the COMPLETE opposite lets you feel like a train smash. This self-doubt created a season where she wondered if being so loud and strong was Godly traits? Should she be working on herself, and try to change?

During a cloud floating friends’ wedding, God spoke to her through the proteas used for décor. As the ring bearer walked down the aisle with a King Protea, with the rings inside, she totally freaked out! This stunning, rugged, beautiful flower was playing one of the most significant roles in the wedding.

Over time God taught her more and more about proteas, and in time about herself:

“You know how you get these flowers like roses and they delicate and absolutely beautiful, they represent these kinds of girls who are vulnerable, delicate, softspoken and beautiful…

Then you also get the protea, which is strong and rugged but also beautiful, God said to me that represents me, and the more I stand in my strength, and the more I embrace it, the more beautiful of a flower I become. If I do that, I will exuberate Godliness and His glory.”

My take-away from her story and testimony:

Relish in who you are, embrace your identity, fuel your uniqueness, because you get the roses, you get the proteas, and both can be used in a wedding, both stands in its own function. You are not out of your function, or purpose just because you are different. You are still beautiful, both the rose and the protea is beautiful, and that is its function – to be beautiful. You can still be in your purpose as a woman, even though you might not fit the pre-conceived idea of what a Godly woman is.

Embrace who you are without bad-mouthing or belittling someone with a different personality than you. We are all elegant, beautiful and functional in our own ways.

Which flower speaks to your personality? Tell us in the comments: