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You are not an escalator… calm down!

Confession time: I am burning out, but have accomplished nothing worthwhile in the process… Is this only me, or have you ever realised life has exhausted you, but you have no idea what you have done, or where your energy and time have gone? This is me right now, I have no children, I have an 8 -5 job, and a husband, both of which I love and is mostly stress-free, so why the lack of energy, why do I struggle to cope when big things go wrong?

The things that are stealing my daily joy are the small, teeny-weeny, not at all important stumbling (lego) blocks in my life. It’s my husband not turning off lights, it’s forgetting laundry in the rain, a relative asking the same tech question for the 100th time, it’s a list of things that does not matter, but somehow it has immense power over my state of mind (and spirit!).  I get so tangled in a web of non-issues that I have no energy or time for the real issues. I don’t get to the things that are so important to me, and God. Have you ever felt like this?

I shared my frustration with my new prayer buddy at a bible study this week, and being guilty of this herself sometimes, she gave me the greatest advice:

“When things get hectic, we usually pray for strength, resilience, and energy to handle the day, task or event. We pray to God to “just get it over”, so we can put out the next big fire. Why aren’t we praying for calmness?” – Prayer buddy

quote1.pngMy new challenge: Praying for calmness when things get out of hand. (You are welcome to join me).

I will pray for calmness when someone cuts me off on the freeway, or when I have to wait 45 minutes at the bank. I will pray when there is no more milk in the fridge, and when I can’t meet a deadline, but it’s not my fault. I will pray when I have too much to do and am spread too thin. I will pray when the little things get to me and I feel my optimism seeping away. I will be praying when I rush around to get everything done for that party I am planning. I will pray when my husband forgets to call, and messes up my schedule. I will pray when I start to write a blog the morning before I need to post it. I will pray, I will pray, I will!

I am resetting my mind, rebooting my heart and uploading a spirit of calmness into my life, and I suggest you do the same!

Have a blessed, calm filled week!


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