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Your non-compromisables

A while ago I had an amazing catch-up session with some of my girlfriends, and as it usually goes with girls, somewhere in the night we started talking about relationships.

Now before we get into the swing of things, a bit of background on me:
I have been single all my life, I have fallen in love, I have had my heart broken, I have been misled, I have given up, I have longed for a relationship…basically I have been through it all except a serious relationship.
All of this up until the age of 24; two months before my 25th birthday I met the most handsome guy ever, blue eyes like you have never seen before, a smile that will melt the Alps, basically Mr Perfect! Yes, I was lucky enough that he took interest in me, fell in love with me, love me, married me and now he is my best friend.

I know being single makes it difficult to listen to a married person or someone in a devoted relationship. I don’t know where in your life you are now, but I have most likely been there myself in the not so recent past so I would encourage you to keep reading.


As young women, we often go through life where we are unknowingly misled by Hollywood. We think it is the norm to have to endure the bad; bad behaviour, bad treatment, bad principles we don’t agree with or bad friends, all of this to earn, and be worthy of, the good. This cannot be further from the truth!

Now, I am not here to tell you that you must have your list and only date or be interested in a guy who ticks every single item because that will never happen, Mr Perfect does not exist, but Mr Right does.

In the dating stages of your life, it is important to first and foremost know what your non-compromisables are; those things that are absolute, fatal, make-or-break things. Now, this must not be superficial like, he must be tall or he must earn a lot of money or he must be handsome (attraction comes and goes). These non-compromisables are the things that speak to your heart and soul, for me it was simple, he must love God, he must make me laugh and he must be intelligent.

Your Mr Right will not only meet your non-compromisables list, I promise you he will exceed it in ways you did not even know was possible! You will find qualities in your Mr Right that you did not know you need in your life. You will find a joy and a peace that you did not know was possible. All this because you have committed your relationship, whether it is to come or whether you are already into, to the Lord.

A second, very important thought I want to share with you; Mr Right will only become The One on the day you two commit your lives to each other. When you have been through good relationships which have ended, don’t hold on to the past, don’t keep thinking “Oh, The One got away and now I am going to be single forever”. In life every person will go through stages, you will meet people at each stage of your life, and eventually, at the right time, when you both are in the right stages of life, you will meet and Mr Right will become The One at the right time at the right stage of life.


I want to encourage you, stay in the House (church), stay committed first and foremost to God and stay on your knees, praying now for your Mr Right to come, or if you already have Mr Right, pray that you will be Mrs Right. Remember, the perfect guy deserves the perfect girl.