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What does it mean to guard your heart?

If your house starts to burn down what would you grab first? Your dog, wedding album, grandma’s pearls or that trash can you wanted to empty out earlier? I am 100% convinced it’s not the last option. We do not value trash, we take it out once a week, leave it outside, unprotected, until someone comes to collect it. I have never asked the garbage man for credentials, or what he plans on doing with my garbage… I let it go, without the blink of an eye.

When my car gets a service, or I have to go to a specialist, I check and double check the company’s information, I look up reviews online; I might compare some, and ultimately make the decision. Why are the processes so different? Because unlike garbage I value my car and even more my health. I want to protect and safeguard it against any harm.

above all else

If we take such good care of these things, why do we neglect to guard our hearts? Why don’t we head Solomon’s advice, and above anything else guard our hearts? Above all things implies a very serious priority, not later or at some time when you feel like it, but now and forever, each day, make guarding your heart a number 1 priority.

When we are small our parents teaches us that God lives in our hearts, and although this isn’t entirely true, it still holds value. Our hearts are an integral part of who we are as Christians. It is the epicentre from which all our words and actions flow. If your heart is poisoned or hurt, it can only produce rivers of poison and hurt. However, if your heart is full of light, wisdom and love, you bring forth springs of life, and blessing to those around you!

When I was still dating, I heard many people telling me to guard my heart. I never really realized that it is not only men who can break (or poison) my heart. Friends, family and colleagues can just as easily come into your life, and shatter your heart, with thoughtless acts or words.  How do we guard our hearts against people (we can’t break up with) who hurt us time and again, WHILE SHOWING GOD’S LOVE TO THEM?

Yep, bad news, we have to show God’s love to the sucky people in our lives as well. (I am personally thankful that someone showed me love when I was a sucky person to him or her). God did not call us to choose who we want to love. We need to love everyone no matter what. If we asked Solomon how we can combine guarding our hearts with “love thy enemy”, he would probably say something similar to what Aaron, Jacqueline’s husband, always says to her:

“forgive people for what they do and love them, but remember what they are capable of to not get hurt again” – Aaron Platt

Loving someone does not mean you are something for them to use and step on. It means when they need something that you can give, you give it freely. Guarding your heart means enjoying the moment, but not expecting anything in return. Loving someone means you help and assist with a joyful heart, and a friendly, sincere demeanour. Guarding your heart means not allowing someone’s words or actions to hurt you again and again. Loving someone means sharing your day, bread and life with someone. Guarding your heart means not sharing your innermost feelings with someone you cannot trust.

We need to take responsibility with regards to who we share our heart of hearts with, but we should always be ready to pour out love to those who need it.

God gives us more than we need,

And He forgives more than we deserve,

We need to show the same kind of love toward others!

When was the last time you had to guard your heart? Comment below, and remember: You can show someone love, without offering up your heart.