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Rise up to the challenge

I have to be honest, the last couple of days I have felt like my inspiration for writing has dried up.
I have been feeling very overwhelmed and caught up in everything that is going on in my life; finish my current job, moving out, waiting on our visas, trying to get back into shape, seeing friends, looking after Aaron who got sick. So many things have been occupying my time and have been consuming my energy.

So I have been dreading trying to think of something of worth to pen down for today’s blog and then I received a message, out of the blue, and it was so unexpected and encouraging at the same time.

Aaron and I serve in our church’s worship team, he plays the guitar (and I have to brag a bit here, but boy is he good!) and I attempt to sing. The last couple of Sundays my prayer before the service has just been for God to use us as vessels to lead His people into a state of worshipping Him. This has sort of become a routine prayer, until this past Sunday.

The message that inspired this post is actually a confirmation of what a member of the church told me on Sunday. Quite a while after the service I saw the member and he just told me that he have to share that he really just felt the Spirit of the Lord come over him as we sang Revelation Song (by Keri Jobe) during the service. I was really grateful, but it quickly left my mind again.
Then I got the message this morning, from another church member, saying that she got goosebumps when we sang. She credits my voice, but I know it was the Spirit that descended upon her.

It was just such a wake-up call for me right now that God is alive, and even when our prayers become routine, He still listens and answers it!

I am no Kari Jobe, by any stretch of the imagination, but I put myself out there, a lot of times very uncertain about my ability to even just sound OK. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
I know that I am called by God to serve His people, we all are, and therefore if we step up to the platform and avail ourselves to be used by Him, as His vessels, He qualifies us!

God is powerful beyond measure and He will never set you up to fail, and your work in His name will never be in vain.

“Jesus replied, “I tell you, if these [people] keep silent, the stones will cry out [in praise]!””
Luke 19:40

If our faith that is small like a mustard seed can move mountains, how much more impactful can even the slightest of talents be that God has entrusted you with?

I want to encourage you to trust God, to know that He wants you to succeed in all that you do and to be bold and step up to the challenge, knowing through it all that your strength and ability comes from the one, true, living God.