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Let’s step up our prayer game!

Praying has never really been on the top of my “faith list”. I am willing to talk to God, prepared to serve Him, but seriously praying for longer than 5 minutes has always been a challenge and not at all a priority… When we joined Angus for “It’s time” he made us pray all together for 5 minutes. At first, I worried about what I would say, and how I would pass the time, after what seemed like 20 seconds our pray time was over, and I was falling in love with serious prayer!

In John 14:13-14 Jesus tells us to pray in His name – that means according to His wishes/ in the way, He would have done it. This implies a strong and deep relationship with Him. Prayer is therefore not just a wish or to do list we ramble through, it is a sweet process of getting to know our Savior better. It also, and this is the part I really love, helps believers to connect to one another. It brings us closer to our family in Christ! The more you learn and focus on the needs of those around you, the closer you will become.

When Jesus prayed for others he prayed against temptation in their lives (Luke 22:40), He prayed for their faith (Luke 22:32), unity (John 17:11) and sanctification (John17:17). Similarly, Paul prayed for the salvation of others (Romans 10:1), he prayed that we would stay on the right path (2 Cor 13:17), he prayed that we would be strengthened by the Spirit, be grounded in love, and be filled with God’s fullness (Eph 3:14-19). Jesus and Paul both prayed spiritual blessings over those around them. These prayers are in Jesus’ name and in God’s will, therefore they will receive a “YES” in Christ (2Cor 1:20).

In 1 Tim 2:10 we are told to pray for others, it helps us to see the need around is, and stop focusing on our own problems. We need to carry each other’s burdens, walk the road alongside them, be a light unto their feet when they need it the most.

Practically what does this look like? When a friend tells you about a problem, challenge or issue she is dealing with, tell her you will pray for her, or better yet, pray for her there and then. You can text a prayer, send a voice note, call or do it in person – just make sure it happens! Every time a friend has done this for me, it has meant so much. Every time I have done this for a friend, I could see how much they really needed it. When we pray for each other, we connect to each other emotionally and spiritually.

Don’t wait for someone to ask for prayer – they rarely do, just step up and do it, it will be worth it!


2 thoughts on “Let’s step up our prayer game!

  1. Thank you for the link. Although I do believe we need to pray behind closed doors for our neighbors, I also know we sometimes need to let our close friends know we are praying for them or of our need for their prayers. This is an easy way for Christians to show each other that we are not alone on our journey. When I know my friends are praying for me, I find hope and motivation because I know that I can rest in their shadow. They will lift up my arms when I am too weak to do it myself. This is not an utterance of empty words, rather a show of comradery and support, part of journeying with those we love.


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