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Keep it simple

It has been a while since our last post. This is how it goes in life, sometimes you chat to your friends on a daily basis and other times, weeks or even months can go by without so much as a hello.

Our prayer lives encounter the same ups and downs as life happens. I have been in one of those “downs” the last couple of weeks. I have been so caught up with getting everything ready for our move that everything else in my life has taken a back seat.

Recently I went up to Jo’burg to spend some time with my family and friends up there. As Janri was taking me back to the airport on my last day, we were chatting away as always and there were some things that we had discussed that I really wanted to pray about with her and for her.
I was hesitant to offer my prayer then and there as it has felt like forever since I last really connecting to God through prayer. But, I had to put my own feelings aside and focus on her in that moment, and boy did Jesus take the wheel!
Thinking back now, I still can’t tell you what I prayed, because it was not me who prayed! God knew what she needed to hear in that moment, the Holy Spirit knew what needed to be brought to light and what needed to be laid down at God’s feet, that He prayed for her, I was just the vessel.

Psalm 42:7 tells us that “Deeps calls unto deep…” this speaks to the Spirit of God who speaks to your spirit (you are body, spirit and soul). This Spirit of God does not call to you from a faraway place, as His Spirit resides within you.

Once we grasp this concept, we will realise how true it is that even when we drift away from God, He is always faithful, present and with us. He lives in us and it is therefore not possible for Him to leave or forsake us.
My prayer life has not been what it used to be or what I would like it to be, but that does not mean I don’t or can’t talk to God. Even in this time I am acutely aware of His presence in my life. He shows himself to me even when I am not necessarily looking.
My prayers have been revelations of my heart in small bursts.
The moment I received our passports with our long-awaited visas in my hand, the first words on my lips were “thank you Lord!”.  It is in these small moments that I know God is close to me and that I will not stop talking to Him in the way that my heart can at this time in my life.

Prayer is a tool to deepen our relationship with God, to open our hearts to Him and to focus on Him to reveal more of Himself to us. Prayer is an everyday conversation with God. Prayer can be quick chats or deep and long conversations. The most important thing about prayer, is that you never stop, even in the downs!

I want to encourage you to keep talking to God, keep telling Him how you feel in the moments that you are ecstatic or sad or angry.
When you come to the realisation that God is with you, always, it will become easier to share those moments with Him and keep talking to Him, keep praying.