Inspired by the beauty and strength that a protea possesses, our friendship duo decided to embrace the fires that life throw at us, sharing the process while we try and grow into the flower garden God dreams we could be. We will share here our attempts to navigate through corporate work environments, marriages, relationships, church and being women.

We are Janri Liebenberg and Jacqueline Platt, friends since the age of 15 now living on the opposite sides of South Africa (and soon to be living on different continents!).
We share a heart for fun, friendship, the Gospel, our husbands, and women. Our different viewpoints, fashion sense, and work environments compliments each others’ lives and keeps us grounded

Welcome to our journey! Here we will share our celebration of life, love, friendship, failure, hard times, success and God with each other, and you! Still searching for life’s unanswered questions, we embark on a journey, sharing the road with you along the way.

We might not have all the answers, but using God as our compass, we will try and unravel tough questions, and help you see His light and love throughout the process.

We invite you to open your heart and join us on this journey!



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